About Us

Meet the members of our professional team.

Leona Walsh

I knew when I got a weekend job working in an Estate Agents whilst doing my Business Studies Degree at university, that the property market would be where I would work. I loved it from the first day, the excitement of people buying their first, last or anywhere in between property just never diminishes. I don’t really know why when I left university I looked at other careers. Real Estate just felt right, so after working in several industries In 2006 I went back to what I enjoyed and obtained my Certificate in Conveyancing Law and Practice from Maquarie University.

For the past 7 years I have been undertaking Conveyancing in the Coffs region, initially in a local solicitors and now as the proprietor of Safe as Houses Conveyancing, offering an Honest, Reliable and Reasonable Conveyancing service on the Coffs Coast.

I’ve worked with amazing locals ranging from:

Real-estate firms, Property Developers, Solicitors, Banks, Building Societies and Coffs Harbour residents and look forward to helping you secure or sell your property.

I enjoy spending time with my amazing husband exploring the Coffs Coast, reading, cinema, and looking after my active daughters..


Brian Middleton

Coffs Harbour became my home in 2008. Following a career in the Military I got involved in Information Technology. Through the .com boom, I worked around the world with a number of great businesses advising them on the application of Information Technology to improve operational performance.  More recently, I was the Managing Director of an Asset Management software company before selling to a large American software company. Now I have the pleasure of working on the Coffs Coast with my daughter helping locals achieve their property dreams.

In my spare time, now I am older I enjoy watching all sport and playing Golf.