Reputation & Reassurance

Our strongest advocates are our clients:

“Terrific. Great work”

“Greatly appreciate your efficiency”

“Thanks for being so efficient”

“Appreciate all you have done”

“Refreshing to be kept informed”

“You’ve been wonderful”

With over 18 years’ experience across real estate and conveyancing we aim to provide exceptional service and create a long-lasting professional relationship with our clients. Like any business, our continued success is reliant on reputation. We hope that after using our service once, Safe as Houses Conveyancing will be your Conveyancer of choice.

We take the time to understand your requirements so we can identify up front any potential issues and provide a tailored service with no hidden costs, making your conveyancing transaction as safe and efficient as possible.

Whether you are buying, selling or re-mortgaging, Safe As Houses Conveyancing are skilled specialists dedicated to delivering exceptional and affordable legal services, with easy communications and flexible hours to suit your busy schedule.

Safe as Houses Conveyancing know the importance of clear communication and will liaise with all parties on your behalf, working to protect your interests and keep your transaction moving. You will be kept fully informed and have one point of contact during your conveyancing process.

If you are unhappy in any way with the service received, Safe as Houses Conveyancing would like to talk to you about your concerns. Alternatively, you have the security of knowing that you can contact the Office of Fair Trading and the Australian Institute of Conveyancing for assistance, and that we are protected by professionals indemnity insurance, in the highly unlikely event that something goes wrong.

You’re the only local conveyancer I’d be happy to work with for my own purchase. You’re a pleasure to work, I think I speak for the office too!”
- Coffs Harbour Saleperson

“I was swamped by the complex process of subdivision and had nearly given up. Then along came Safe as Houses and took over the whole thing. They kept in touch with regular updates and managed neighbours, surveyors, council and conveyancing. Now I’m free to stress about other pressing matters, like fishing. Great work SAH!”
- Bruce Watts, Coffs Harbour

“You’re so on the ball. Thank you for your great work”
- Danny Whalen, Sawtell

“Love your work”
- Kathy Doherty, Aussie Home Loans