Why Us

Buying and selling is not simply conveyancing, it is a legal transaction and inadequate representation can cost dearly in the long run. Safe as Houses Conveyancing are specialists in property law and focused on providing you with the highest standard of care and expertise. Conveniently located in Boambee East, servicing the whole of NSW, we are fully licensed and insured to manage every detail of your conveyancing transaction.

 Safe – We take the time to understand your individual requirements and identify any potential issues, provide a flat rate fee and efficient communication. In doing so, we are open and transparent and avoid unnecessary and unexpected costs. No nasty surprises.

 Affordable – Nobody likes unexpected costs, and we recognise most people don’t like paying legal fees, so we have created single fixed pricing for sales and purchases. We utilise our knowledge and connections to deliver the highest level of service within budget. Clear disclosure and no “bumped up” charges, ensures you know what you are paying from the start and get the most value out of your property sale or purchase.

 Quality – We understand that buying and selling property can be challenging and stressful, and that you don’t want to be hanging on the phone chasing updates and progress. Your matter will be handled promptly and you will be informed at all times. We do what we claim to.

 Personal – We ensure that your matter is cared for by a skilled certified specialist in conveyancing, rather than being passed around various secretaries or unqualified administrators.

 Flexible – We know you’re busy and offer flexible appointments to fit around your schedule.

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Common Questions

 What does Safe as Houses Conveyancing do?

Conveyancing is a necessary process when buying, selling and transferring title for property. We help with the transfer process by ensuring that you are meeting all legal obligations and that your rights are protected during the transaction. Because both sides of the transaction have certain obligations that must be fulfilled, buyers and sellers need to complete the conveyancing process. Safe as Houses will typically perform the following tasks:

1. Drawing Up of Documents

One of our primary roles is to help prepare all of the legal documents that are part of you real estate transaction.

Selling Property

Selling your property includes preparing the Contract. Safe as Houses Conveyancing will ensure that you have met all your obligations according to the relevant laws in NSW and that any special conditions you require are included in the final Contract to protect you from any potential conflict later. Safe as Houses Conveyancing may also be required to prepare additional documents that are part of the transfer process.

Buying a Property

We will prepare all of the transfer documents that ensure a property is rightfully and legally transferred. These important documents will include all necessary details to meet legal regulations.

2. Legal Advice

We will undertake the legal work needed to help you make the right decisions and navigate this process successfully.

Selling Property

Safe as Houses Conveyancing will be able to advise you of the statutory terms that must be included in the Contract, as well as any additional special conditions applicable to your individual circumstances. For example, if you wish for your settlement date to coincide with another purchase settlement, we can arrange this for you. This is particularly helpful if you are buying and selling at the same time. We will also compile the legal documents that you will need to give to the buyer to complete the settlement. We will have all of these necessary documents ready for you on the date of settlement, so that there is no confusion.

Buying a Property

Safe as Houses Conveyancing will assist in obtaining pre-purchase inspection reports and enquiries. If there are any planning restrictions or other details out of the ordinary that you should consider, we will be able to help point these out to you. We will give advice regarding terms and conditions of the Contract and point out any specific terms that you should be aware of. We will provide you bank with the necessary title details to secure your finance and prepare your mortgage documents, and continue to liaise with them throughout the transaction. Safe as Houses will attend to any adjustments needed on settlement and make sure that you only pay the costs associated with the property from the date of settlement. This helps prevent you from paying for things such as council and water rates before the settlement date. We will also help you determine what statutory fees need to be paid.

3. Arranging Settlement

One of our primary roles is to help arrange the final details of the settlement.

Selling Property

Safe as Houses Conveyancing will coordinate a time for settlement with the buyer’s conveyancer. The settlement day is laid out in the Contract of Sale, however we will coordinate a time suitable to both the seller and purchaser. After the settlement has occurred, we will get in touch with your real estate agent when it is safe to hand the keys over to the buyer.

Buying a Property

Safe as Houses Conveyancing will help coordinate the best time for settlement on the allotted day. We will contact your bank to make sure that your funds are in place, booking settlement and providing the bank with any necessary payment details. If you are holding the funds yourself, you will need to provide these at least 24 hours before the settlement date. All of these tasks can be complicated for you to complete on your own. By using a Safe as Houses Conveyancing, the process will be streamlined.

 Do I need a solicitor?

No, Safe as Houses Conveyancing are registered Certified Practicing Conveyancers and experts who have completed specialist tertiary education and specialise in conveyancing work.

Solicitors can undertake conveyancing work, and some law firms employ registered conveyancers to undertake their conveyancing work, but for most it is not a specialism. If your property is a normal house and you are working within a tight budget, you may want to work with a conveyancer rather than a solicitor.

Whether a solicitor or conveyancer is right for you will depend on several factors, including your financial situation. In general terms, Safe as Houses Conveyancers will be significantly cheaper than solicitors.

 Is there a difference between individual conveyancers?

Just as there are differences between individual accountants or individual electricians. Some conveyancers are self-employed or work in small businesses, others work in bigger companies and solicitors' offices; some offer a wider range of services than others; and they all have their own fees and their own business practices.

Safe as Houses Conveyancing engage in regular professional development programs to keep our skills and knowledge up to date; we keep up to date through the latest professional journals and newsletters allowing us to offer a professional service and expert advice.

 Can I undertake the conveyancing process myself?

Yes you can, but is that the best use of your time? Even experienced property developers rarely undertake Conveyancing themselves. Conveyancing is a legal process where making a mistake can be time consuming and potentially costly. By using Safe as Houses Conveyancing you will have the confidence your affairs are in safe hands, the process is under control and you can avoid being overwhelmed during what will be a busy time in your life.

If you are thinking of undertaking your own conveyancing as a buyer or seller, each has separate responsibilities, and you must know the exact procedure to follow Conveyancing kits can be purchased to help you through the process, but when you add the cost of the kit together with the searches you need to carry out, and the cost of your own time, your savings probably won’t be as great as you think. If all goes well, DIY-conveyancing may save you some money.

If things go wrong, you will probably wish you had used Safe as Houses Conveyancers. Why? Because Safe as Houses Conveyancers do this for a living and not as a one off, so will be able to manage the process more efficiently and we carry professional indemnity insurance which protects you in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

 So what do conveyancers charge?

Any real estate transaction is a complicated process with many costs involved. One of these will be the fees paid to your conveyancer. Safe as Houses Conveyancing offer a fixed price conveyancing service and believe it is important for you to compare both conveyancing costs and providers to help you refine your budget. By telephoning several firms, you will get a better idea of what is considered standard or usual for conveyancing services. You should talk to your conveyancer about all the costs in your transaction - none of us like surprises!

Safe as Houses Conveyancing have expert skills to complete your transaction effectively and efficiently; our fixed fees reflect our efficiency through the application of smart ICT and processes combined with our experience and professionalism. At Safe as Houses Conveyancing all work is undertaken by a Certified Practicing Conveyancer minimising the risk of errors and/or delays. With Safe as houses you are buying peace of mind.

 What is included when you use Safe as Houses Conveyancers?

  • Title searches
  • Deposited or Strata Plan
  • Drainage Diagram
  • Local Authority building records, section 10.7 (Zoning) and 603 (Rates) Certificates
  • Section 47 (Land Tax) Certificate issued by Reveue NSW
  • Preparation of Government grant/exemption forms
  • Preparation of application for discharge of mortgage
  • Calculation of the rates and taxes
  • Service fees on electronic (PEXA) settlement
  • Stamping fees
  • Sundries, such as telephone, postage, internet, IT, photocopying and stationary. 

Costs not included in the Conveyancing Fee

Conveyancing transactions may also involve additional costs like adjustments for council rates and water charges. At settlement council rates are adjusted on the basis that they have been paid up to date by the vendor, and the purchaser reimburses them for the period of time in which they are in the property. Safe as Houses Conveyancing, working on your behalf, checks to ensure that these calculations are accurate. Further adjustments could include rent, licence fees, bank fees, and body corporate fees.


Statutory Charges

There are additional charges to expect as part of the conveyancing process. When buying property, the purchaser must pay stamp duty and registration fees on the Transfer, or as a vendor you may have to pay registration fees on a Discharge of Mortgage. If you are working with Safe as Houses Conveyancing, we will be able to calculate these charges on your behalf and notify you if there are any exemptions or concessions available. You can also use our stamp duty calculator.

All transactions are not the same and there may be other expenses in specific circumstances; always ask for details of anything which may arise in your particular sale, Safe as Houses Conveyancing are happy to tell you how our charges are calculated, and what precisely is and is not included.

There may be other expenses in specific transactions, as well as government grants or exemptions from duties available to certain buyers or properties. Safe as Houses Conveyancers will identify these to you where applicable.

Please call Safe as Houses Conveyancing to discuss your requirements. We work for you and recognise how important this is to your financial future.


Safe as Houses Conveyancing will:

  • Protect your interests;
  • Be your advocate;
  • Keep you informed at every step; and
  • Ensure you exercise your rights and meet your responsibilities.